Welcome to Step By Step

Step By Step is a 21st Century NGO which is aimed at changing the lives of the financially marginalized, through network and Charity Work. At Step By Step we believe that every person is born a Breadwinner; by virtue of their pursuit for financial stability and freedom to network to build better communities. As a network marketing organization our main agenda is to effect change and encourage positive change through charity work in our communities. As Step By Step we acknowledge that the 21st century dynamics have created a gap between different livelihood classes which means most communities are left behind while the rest experience unlimited financial freedom.

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What We Do?

We are the Best alternative networking platform which is aimed at generating financial assistance for both established Investors to the less privileged. We also provide humanitarian solutions in less developed communities globally.

Why Us?

Our main vision is the change lives of the financially marginalized individuals by networking and encouraging charity work globally.


We provide an inclusive innovative networking platform which is aimed at assisting individuals who yearn for alternative income generating streams for the betterment of their welfare.